Welcome to the Dudley Darklords.

The Dudley Darklords is a gaming club that meets every Tuesday at The Kingswinford Community Centre from 7pm to 11pm.

We welcome and include a wide variety of gaming tastes from boardgames, role playing games, tabletop miniatures both fantastical and historic and everything in between. If you have a gaming interest, the odds are that someone either shares it or has played it at some point. We have many experienced members who hold positions of some authority in the gaming world having been appointed by various game systems as their ‘gurus’ or gaming demonstrators.

We welcome new players and like to think we have a welcoming atmosphere. We charge £2 per evening with the first visit being free. Soft drinks and snacks are available if required, there is a Chinese, Indian and Pizza joint right across the street. Parking is ample and free, right outside the door.

You can find much more information on our facebook page, just search for dudleydarklords. Click on the map to open Google Maps at this location.